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Hello Fresh

IntroductionHello Fresh Logo

Hello Fresh has completely revolutionised the way thousands of people cook. Each week, Hello Fresh delivers customers a chilled box containing three or five step-by-step recipes, along with the exact fresh ingredients required to cook them (already measured out), removing the need for meal planning and shopping each week.

In order to make this concept a reality, Hello Fresh requires a logistics provider which can manage time sensitive, refrigerated deliveries (due to perishability of food) and the ability to quickly scale up in line with the brand’s ambition. Finding a provider that could not only enable this model but also grow and evolve with the company was essential to Hello Fresh choosing CitySprint.


CitySprint developed a bespoke delivery solution for Hello Fresh that sees them handle high volumes on two specific days whilst ensuring time specific delivery and efficient refrigeration throughout all journeys. With the delivery of the boxes such a vital element to the Hello Fresh experience, CitySprint ensures it is an extension of the brand at all times.


  • 95%+ week-on-week customer retention
  • 30% month-on-month growth in deliveries
  • Hundreds of thousands of Hello Fresh meals cooked each month
  • 99% first time delivery success


Luke Grob, Operations commented:

“CitySprint has played a critical role in the launch and growth of Hello Fresh, consistently finding innovative solutions to ride the wave of 30% month-on-month growth in deliveries and enabling hundreds of thousands of Hello Fresh meals to be cooked per month”.