Our people

Ensuring we’re at hand to make crucial deliveries for thousands of organisations and individuals around the world is no mean feat. It takes a team of passionate and dedicated people, and at CitySprint we’re lucky to have exactly that.

Whether it’s operations, fleet management, technical support, data analysis or our 40+ service centres around the UK, we have people with the right knowledge in the right place that continue to embody our four core values and deliver exceptional customer service each and every day.

The CitySprint Shining Stars Awards!

Our quarterly employee awards programme recognises the dedication, commitment and passion individuals display in their day to day activities to support their colleagues and deliver exceptional customer service.

There are four award categories which reflect our core company values – accountability, empathy, reliability and flair.

Employees are encouraged to nominate their colleagues who have ‘gone the extra mile’ and genuinely helped make a difference; either within their own teams, with our customers or our couriers.


Award winners for October-December 2016


Chris Rawes, Accountability award winner                                  Daniel Welch, Empathy award winner


Hanif Natalwala, Reliability award winner                                      Mark Wain, Flair award winner

Award winners for July-September 2016 

Scott King, Accountability award winner

Melissa Goodchild, Empathy award winner


Jerrica Tomlinson, Flair award winner

Russell Terry, Reliability award winner


Award winners for April-June 2016

Adrian Connors, Reliability award winner


Jackie Smart, Empathy award winner

Gemma Thomsett, Flair award winner


Timothy McNicholas, Accountability award winner

 “I am thrilled to announce, and congratulate our Shining Stars award winners. The team are all outstanding individuals who go that extra mile everyday, embracing our four core values, and going above and beyond what is expected of them in their day to day roles.

The sheer amount of entries, and the employee engagement we had surrounding the Shining Stars awards, are testament to everyone within the CitySprint family. Long may it continue!”

Patrick Gallagher, Chief Executive, CitySprint