It’s at the heart of our business.

Whether it is our GPS enabled fleet or our MyCourier app, we invest in market leading technology so that we can offer you complete transparency, reliability and leading customer service.

And as technology advances, so do we.

Our focus on continuous improvement enables us to enhance existing delivery solutions, as well as discover new ones, and ultimately offer you the best, most convenient service for your business needs.

Our technology at a glance.

Available to both our account and non-account holders:

  • Market-leading online booking and reporting platform
  • GPS-enabled fleet  and advanced fleet mapping software
  • Real-time job tracking and map location of couriers
  • Time-stamped job audits and electronic proof of delivery
  • Email and SMS status notifications


MyCourier - our iPhone & Android App                              

Our booking and tracking app allowing you to manage your courier booking on the go




CityBridge - systems integration

A two-way booking interface allowing customers to streamline the process of passing and receiving booking information



Paragon - routing software

Our route optimisation software that streamlines journey planning


ScanTrak - Tracking solution

An advanced track and trace system to ensure complete chain of custody and audit trail   



A desktop mailroom management tool 


Contact the CitySprint team if you are interested in discussing how we might be able to support your business.