Specialist transportation services

CitySprint can develop a bespoke delivery solution for specialist and unique products. This can include additional tracking, temperature control monitoring or expert handling. We also can work with you to develop specific accreditation modules for couriers to ensure we  meet best practice standards for your industry.

You can be confident that your product is dealt with in a way that maintains your internal levels of quality throughout the supply chain.

Our specialist transportation courier service offers:

  • Additional tracking
  • Temperature control
  • Specialist handling
  • Specialist training packages for courier
  • Adhoc or pre-booked multi-drop delivery services
  • Dedicated “courier with van” on day rate 
  • Specialist transportation vehicles if required
  • Paragon routing software 
  • ScanTrak - Full electronic audit with real-time tracking
  • Customer-defined Standard Operating Procedures and training support


Why use CitySprint for your specialist transportation services?

  • We are dedicated to same day, time critical transport services
  • Our solution design team have the expertise to review your distribution profile and implement dynamic route planning 
  • We have the scalability to adapt and grow with your business
  • Complete transparency enabling secure chain of custody


To discuss your specialist transportation courier service requirements with one of our SameDay specialists, click here