If you require an overview of all your deliveries, use our bespoke tracking system, ScanTrak. This innovative route management, asset and parts management technology is available free of charge.

The system uses barcode scanning and GPS technology to map all deliveries, which can be viewed by our online dashboard and mapping facility.

Using our barcode scanning system, every step of the delivery can be date and time stamped. We can either provide the barcoded stickers or use your own barcodes to ensure continuity with your internal tracking systems.

This innovative tracking system allows: 

  • LEAN processes to be adopted by eliminating mis-deliveries
  • Secure chain of custody for items - such as replenishment stock
  • Provides additional quality procedures to your delivery process
  • Allows distribution teams to plan daily routines and manage workloads effectively
  • Provides a complete electronic time, date and location audit trail


ScanTrak is accessed via our online platform with 3 main options available:

  • Dashboard - view the routes booked, in progress and completed
  • Reporting - report across accounts and routes
  • Manifesting - add parent and child deliveries to routes


How ScanTrak works