Why work with CitySprint?

We deliver original ideas, valuable data, award winning designs, life savings organs, critical machinery, wonderful presents and everything else in between. 

 We can offer you, as a self-employed courier:

  • Great opportunities - contracts for experienced drivers, return journeys and national work
  • Earning potential - using our GPS devices our controllers can identify the ‘optimum’ jobs for you based on your availability and location at any moment in time, thus increasing your earning potential
  • Flexibility - as a self-employed courier, you can choose when and where you work, giving you full control over your life and earning potential
  • iFleet portal - our couriers have the ability to use our dedicated courier portal to access :

                   a. Electronic invoicing so you can track your invoices online
                   b. Job history
                   c. Help with your VAT returns
                   d. Exclusive offers to buy and sell equipment, vehicles and insurance at better rates


CitySprint recommends that you source your own vehicle as this is the most cost effective solution. If you need some help sourcing a vehicle, we can introduce you to a number of independent rental companies.

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