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Agilitas case study

Worldclass Delivery Partner

Agilitas is a leading global innovator of customer driven IT channel services 
The partnership with CitySprint began in June 2019, when leading IT solutions provider Agilitas sought a world-class delivery partner who they could work with to deliver excellent customer experience and top-class delivery performance — with a particular focus on forward stock location (FSL) and same day capabilities. This was pivotal for them as a business, given these are two key aspects of their offering (accounting for approximately 40% of their volumes).
The partnership sees CitySprint deliver network server and telecoms parts, that are critical to Agilitas’ customer’s operations i.e. retailers, call centres etc. They also use their FSLs to store these critical parts in strategically-placed geographic areas across the UK — ensuring they’re close to the end customer and can be delivered in a timely manner when needed.
After delivering a swift and low-impact transition plan that ensured that Agilitas’ service levels, Citysprint mapped out FSL locations and historic service calls to their infrastructure — looking at ways to improve service levels and reduce costs. This ensured the best possible coverage model for Agilitas.
Through this partnership Agilitas have seen service levels increase by around 10-15% consistently and have created a commercial model that flexes with the business volumes from a service and cost perspective but also maintains the performance levels needed. Furthermore, over the last year, they have increased FSL stock by around 70% and opened three new strategic locations to support this increase in demand for their services.
“CitySprint are a trusted and valued partner – becoming embedded within our toolsets and service model via IT integration that will further enhance our offerings and delivery capability. We are no longer just working on a customer and supplier level but as strategic partners who will enjoy a long-term relationship.”
This IT integration looked at how the systems could be paired — removing any manual input and streamlining the entire ordering process. It also minimised resource requirements from both parties. As Agilitas uses all of CitySprint’s services, the complex IT integration allows them to seamlessly access all of them.