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Black Friday 2019

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are taking place on the 29th November and 2nd December 2019 and are key internet shopping dates on the run up towards Christmas.

According to Sales Assist, a total of £1.49bn was spent on Black Friday 2018 among UK online retail sites.

At CitySprint, we completed over 100,000 deliveries during the week of Black Friday 2018, compared to over 85,000 during Black Friday Week 2017. This was a 16% increase across our network, highlighting not only the power of the online retail market and the need for an efficient delivery service for businesses taking part in these offers. The strong infrastructure that we have built over the last 25 years means that we are able to sufficiently deal with any influx of deliveries during peak times such as these, utilising our national reach to meet business demand.

Furthermore, in recent years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have spread into the B2B market, with more and more businesses offering discounts and promotions in the week of Black Friday in a bid to increase sales. Despite being retail focused, the concept of Black Friday and Cyber Monday has now made its way into the corporate world, particularly for those that have a product to sell, which puts an increasing amount of pressure on the logistics industry.

With 2019 already being a challenging year for businesses, both B2C and B2B, due to Brexit and a fluctuating pound, we expect consumers and businesses to take advantage of any discounts on offer this year, meaning more pressure on the industry than ever experienced before.

Contact our Sales team at deliver@citysprint.co.uk if you would like to make enquiries about support for the peak season.

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