Supporting eForests

offseting the impact of logistics

How does eForests tree planting work?

eForests is an organisation working to combat climate change by planting trees around the UK, creating and supporting community woodlands, nature reserves and city farms.

Through offering tree gifts and dedications for individuals and companies.....enable us to help you offset your carbon footprint. 

Our green courier services

We make thousands of deliveries daily across numerous sectors and have made efforts to cut our emissions by providing zero-emission vehicle option for deliveries in urban areas.

Our green fleet includes
  • PUSHBIKE - a great choice for delivering items such as documents and small parcels 
  • ELECTRIC CARGOBIKE - easily carrying loads of up to 50kg providing a viable alternative to small vans 
  • ELECTRIC VAN - perfect for our planned delivery routes close to locations where we know the vans can be charged at the start or end of the day 
  • HYDROGEN VAN - the first for UK logistics with a range close to 200 miles, only emitting water   

Our green vehicle options


We have the largest pushbike fleet in London. Our bicycle couriers are the perfect choice for small lightweight items such as documents, small packets and parcels. 


A practical alternative to small vans, these electrically-assisted bikes can easily carry loads of up to 50kg. Agile enough to weave through inner city traffic, our cargo bikes are great for reducing delivery times.  


Our plug-in electric vans offer an excellent choice for short distance and last mile deliveries. A pioneering Hydrogen Van trialled in partnership with Mitie can travel 200+ miles emitting just water.   

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