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Easter Blog
As we inch towards an unusual Easter break, we wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to the NHS health workers and other key roles who are working tirelessly and won’t be taking a break this weekend.
Celebrating female leaders for International Women's Day
We talk to our Business Development Director, Rosie Bailey, about her career in the industry and get her best tips for those just starting out in their careers.
The power of choice – driving environmental change
The phrase ‘decision fatigue’ was introduced in the early 2000s to characterise the seemingly exponential number of choices that consumers face daily.
2019 in review – another busy year at CitySprint
As we face the start of a new decade, it’s easy to quickly forget what an immensely fast-paced, innovative and sometimes challenging year 2019 has been.
Black Friday 2019
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are taking place on the 29th November and 2nd December 2019 and are key internet shopping dates on the run up towards Christmas.
Top 4 logistical challenges that face small businesses
In today’s ever-expanding world, customers expect convenient and fast delivery options — especially given the rapid service provided by the world’s top commercial giants.
An interview with Adrian Purewal
It’s the second instalment of our Pride blogs, and this week we’re chatting to Adrian Purewal.
An interview with Russell Allton-White
As part of our Pride blog series, we are chatting with CitySprint's Russell Allton-White.
CitySprint and Clean Air Day 2019
Air pollution is real and is harming the health of millions of UK citizens every day. Thankfully, there are many actions we can take to tackle this problem, resulting in improvements to public health and air quality.
Sustainable delivery - how a courier service can make your business greener
The success of online shopping has forever changed the way consumers engage with the brands and retailers that they know and trust.