What can you expect as a courier?

Click on the video on the right to watch Head of Courier, Reme, talk about what CitySprint can offer you and to hear why couriers choose to offer their services to us. 

You'll find out about our quick onboarding, fuel cards, discounts on circuit fees & fast payment terms. Plus all the support and accreditons available to help you maximise your earnings.

How we support couriers


Our available courier jobs

London courier jobs

We have a range of courier jobs in London with a fleet of cars, vans, motorbikes and cargo bikes delivering around the clock, to keep London moving.

Find out more about our delivery jobs in London

Local delivery jobs

Find out how you came become a self-employed courier, dropping off parcels and packages to local businesses and homes in your neighbourhood.

Find out more about our local delivery jobs

National van driver jobs

As the UK's largest same day delivery network with service centres throughout the UK, we have access to 1000's of jobs daily across the country.

Find out more about our national van jobs

Student driving jobs

Earn extra money (paid weekly) delivering parcels locally in your car or van part-time. It's quick and easy to apply - find out more below.

Find out more about our student jobs

Why choose to work with us?

 Access to 15,000+ jobs

 Weekly pay straight to your bank account

 Competitive pay across a range of work

 Suitable for different vehicle types from vans, cars, motorbikes & bicycles

 Quick apply and easy sign-up

We are growing faster than ever before and have one of the busiest courier circuits in the UK, so it has never been a better time to sign-up to work with us. 


What do I need as a self-employed courier?

 National Insurance Number

 Passport to prove your entitlement to work in the UK

 Valid Driving Licence (if applicable)

 Insurance and images of the vehicle you will be using

 A mobile phone with Android (6 or above) or an iPhone with iOS (11 or above)

Becoming the supplier of choice for couriers

We've introduced a range of new initiatives to empower drivers to maximise their earnings and grow their business.

New fuel cards

Which enable couriers to access discounted fuel rates across 3,000 locations.

Delivery milestone alerts and recognition

These timely updates are delivered to the courier straight from the CitySprint courier app.

Dedicated support helpline

We set this up to listen to any and all concerns of our couriers.

Access to tax and business experts

You now have access to providers that can help with tax management and starting out in the sector.

Top-up insurance

Make starting courier work more affordable.

"Being a self-employed courier is great! I enjoy the freedom, variety of work, earning potential and not having to do the same thing each day!"
Tony, Manchester
"The brilliant team at CitySprint has been one of the main reasons I enjoy the work I do so much."
Julija, London
"I enjoy being a self employed courier at CitySprint because of the flexibility it gives me with my hours."
Flavia, Birmingham