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Introducing our new Dray delivery service

‘Just-in-time’ deliveries to meet the demands of microbreweries, festivals, pubs and hard to reach venues

We’re pleased to present our recently introduced Dray delivery service. The ideal choice for ad hoc top-up deliveries of heavy barrels, kegs and cases to drinks retailers across the UK. Supported by 130+ dray couriers specially trained to carry out kerbside, in-cellar or room-of-choice drinks deliveries in a safe and secure manner, each courier is skilled in the physical manipulation of barrels and safe working practice to ensure safety is kept as a top priority.

Since its launch earlier this year our dray couriers have delivered over 5,000 drinks to locations, or at times that conventional large-scale deliveries are unable to reach. The busy festive period between 17th December and 1st January is also expected to see another 500 deliveries.

We’re intent on providing drinks retailers with flexible, fast and convenient top-up deliveries to their locations and excited to offer a service that helps our clients to better meet the needs of their customers.

To sign up for a business account complete the dray delivery services form.

For more information email dray@citysprint.co.uk

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