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CitySprint is now certified Carbon Neutral!

We are thrilled to announce that CitySprint has achieved carbon neutral certification from Q1 2022 and now working with Carbon Neutral Britain through a variety of Certified Emissions Reductions (CER) offsetting initiatives to equalize carbon emissions from our business operations every quarter.

To protect the environment, CitySprint joined forces with Carbon Neutral Britain in 2021 with the goal of measuring and offsetting all our organization's emissions in order to achieve carbon neutrality. We will work with Carbon Neutral Britain over the next two years to offset our company's carbon emissions on a quarterly basis  by investing in carbon emissions offsetting programmes as a proactive measure to minimise environmental impact. 

CitySprint has received certification as a carbon-neutral enterprise, achieving this 18 months earlier than the initial goal of the end of 2023. New efforts are always being introduced to assist and promote change and reduce our carbon footprint such as expanding our green fleet

The Andes Mountains, Chile's hydroelectric project, Burgo's wind farm, Cambodia's rice husk power plant, and China's Huaneug Changyi wind farm are the projects we invested in to offset our emissions in Q1, as well as providing support and resources to local communities in the areas they operate in. Additional details on these initiatives and carbon statistics are available on our carbon offsetting page


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