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Updating our international booking platform

As part of ongoing commitments to improving the customer experience, we are pleased to announce the rollout of four updates to our booking platform for international bookings.
What are we doing?

Following feedback from customers, plus the recent introduction of international regulations for shipping packages abroad, customers will soon be able to include the following when placing an international booking:
  •   -  Your EORI number - it'll save for future bookings
  •   -  The country of manufacture for the items you're sending
  •   -  Commodity codes for each item being shipped
  •   -  Add your IOSS number when shipping low value items to countries in the EU

Why is this good news?

These items above are all required for your customs invoice when shipping abroad, and they will automatically be added to your CitySprint generated customs invoice (with the option to choose a commercial or pro forma). You'll get a PDF version that you simply have to print, sign and attach to the shipment.

With this extra information, you'll spend less time speaking with our customer care team and it should help expedite your shipment through customs.

View your guide to learn more about next day or international bookings.

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