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It’s Road Safety Week

This is the biggest annual campaign to highlight the preventable deaths and injuries on UK roads.

Safe and healthy mobility is everyone’s human right. We believe that no one should be killed or seriously injured on roads due to preventable mistakes.

On average, 5 people die every day on UK roads and 84 people are seriously injured. 1 in 4 fatal crashes involve someone driving too fast.*

Since 2017, we’ve been supporting road safety charity, Brake, in their push for safe and healthy roads. As part of our partnership, we commit to educating our colleagues, customers, and the couriers who work with us on the dangers of unsafe road use to minimise casualties and foster a safe environment for everyone to travel.

Please put your safety and the safety of those around you first. Plan safe journeys because road crime has devastating consequences for the families of people who are killed or injured on roads.

Join the conversation using #RoadSafetyWeek.

Learn more: https://www.brake.org.uk/.

*Department for Transport (2022) Table RAS0704: Reported Road collisions, casualties and vehicles where speed was a contributory factor by severity, Great Britain.
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