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Clean Van Commitment

CitySprint have just signed up to the Clean Van Commitment!

The Clean Van Commitment is a public commitment for fleets to switch to zero tailpipe emission vans, in cities, by 2028, helping organisations show dedication in tackling air pollution and climate change.

Vans are the fastest growing vehicle type in the UK. There are over 4 million vans on our roads, 96% of which run on diesel engines, greatly affecting air quality.

In major cities like London, air quality and air pollution are a real issue with transport being the single largest contributor – health costs from a diesel van cost the NHS £24,000 per van over their 9-year lifetime, totalling £2.2 billion per year.

CitySprint have joined a variety of names across sectors including utilities, retail, NHS and local government in signing the Clean Van Commitment. Collectively, more than 18,000 diesel vans are to be replaced by zero emission vehicles by 2028. This equates to more than £55 million in lifetime health cost savings.

We are an environmentally responsible business constantly testing new options and technology to enhance our green fleet, as seen with our hydrogen and electric vans. Along with our expanding cargo bike and electric vehicle fleet, this decision is another positive step in continuing our commitment to improving air quality in the UK cities we operate in. The transport and logistics industry is a huge contributor to climate change so joining with other signatories to acknowledge this issue and work towards a shared solution shows a commitment not only to our company, but to the environment and our planet.
If you’re keen to learn more about our green initiatives, then visit our green hub.


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