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Courier and Specialist Movements

Framework: RM6171

This is a UK-wide agreement and will replace RM3798 Courier Services and RM3799 Specialist Courier Services.

Structured into 6 lots, this framework gives customers access to a full range of collection and delivery options and enables you to move anything from:



 Bulk pallet movements

 High-value secure items

The agreement also allows you to move more specialist items including:



 Pharmaceutical products including controlled drugs and medication

 Firearms, weapons and ammunition 

You can also access an asset recovery service to dispose of and auction items which are no longer needed, this includes vehicles, IT and office equipment.

This agreement will run for 4 years and will expire on 10 August 2025.

Storage, Distribution, Kitting and Associated Services

Framework: RM6282

Central government departments and all other UK public sector bodies can use the services provided by this agreement. This includes:

 Local authorities

 Emergency services such as health, police, fire and rescue

 Education sector

 Devolved administrations

Services provided include (but are not limited to):

 International air charter and freight services (transporting items by aircraft)

 International rail freight services (transporting items by rail)

 International sea freight services (transporting items by sea)

 Quality control of items being delivered into the UK to ensure conformity with associated standards

 Storage, fulfilment, transport and distribution within the UK and international destinations

 Collection and delivery of specialist items such as medical samples, specimens and pharmaceuticals including residential collections and drop-off points

 Recycling and disposal services

 Print services such as brochures

 Cardboard and corrugated boxes

 Tamper-proof seals and plastic mailing bags

 Medical packaging such as absorbent pads


This agreement is split across 7 lots. For more information about the services each lot can provide, read the ‘products and suppliers’ section on the CCS website here.

It will run for 4 years with no extensions and will expire on 14 February 2026.