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Earth Day 2020

April 22nd 2020 marks Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, a day to show support for the protection of the environment. At CitySprint, we take our commitment to helping the planet seriously and we accept that we are part of the problem.

The theme of Earth Day this year is Climate Change and we are proud to show our support through the green deliveries we make daily but also through our service centres and colleagues by reducing our energy consumption and business miles travelled. Naturally, as most of our business is now working from home, this consumption has significantly reduced so we continue to look at ways we can continue with this once the world begins to find some form of normality.

We recognise that climate change and sustainability are increasingly high on businesses’’ agenda. Our most recent Collaborate UK research of 1,000 UK business owners revealed that 28% plan to improve their supply chain efficiency, with 27% looking to switch to greener suppliers/ partners. This is particularly important considering the rise of the number of low-emission and clear air zones (such as ULEZ) being implemented in cities across the country.

For Earth Day this year, we have planted 100 trees in association with National Forest to help raise awareness in looking after our planet in a bid to help offset our carbon emissions. In their first year alone, we anticipate that the trees will offset over 2 tonnes of carbon which is equivalent to flying round the world 23 times.

Earth Day is an increasingly important awareness day in the digital calendar, It is through campaigns such as this that we can unite and collaborate with other businesses and government bodies to take that much needed step in the right direction.

To find out more about our green fleet and how we might be able to help improve your environmental efforts, visit our green page

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