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An interview with Adrian Purewal

It’s the second instalment of our Pride blogs, and this week we’re chatting to Adrian Purewal.

What is it you do for the business? 

I manage the sales processes and ensure everybody is compliant in their commission claims, I also get involved in projects and other stuff that is top secret and very important.

Tell me about a typical day

Only one thing is guaranteed in my day- to- day role and that is that I’ll make myself a cuppa before I do anything and that no two days are ever the same.  I am lucky enough to work from home and so I make the most of it by logging on super early when no one is around to ruin my day.  Throughout the day, I try to split my nagging between colleagues and my dogs.

How long have you worked for CitySprint and what did you do before hand?

Some would say just over 6 years too long, but I love the place. Cut me in two and I’d be CitySprint blue.

How do you unwind when you’re not at work?

I’d like to say I go to the gym to wind down or do a spot of gardening, but in truth I tend to eat my body weight in Just-Eat, drink copious amounts of prosecco/vodka/gin with my husband and the 3 friends we have, cuddle and squeeze my doggies within an inch of their lives and generally do everything that Jamie Oliver preaches against (never liked the bloke). As my lovely mother says though, it’s better to be big and beautiful than skinny and ugly, and it’s a piece of advice I shall take with me to the grave.

Is it easy being a gay man in 2019? Are there still barriers?

I am very much of the mind “Live and let live”.  If you are nice to me, I’ll be nice too. Honestly, if you’re not nice to me, I’ll probably still be nice to you because being nice needs to start somewhere. I am lucky enough in 2019 to be able to marry the person I love and I am very grateful that as a country we have moved so far forward in recent years. 

Is Pride still important in 2019?

Nowadays I’m more of a stay at home gay, however, that doesn’t mean that I’m not appreciative of what Pride represents in modern day society. Whilst overall, people are much more liberal than they were years ago, extremism is also becoming more prominent. It is a sad fact that people who don’t know me would choose to hurt me just because of who I love. 


Some quickfire questions:

Favourite holiday destination?
Drag name?
Ask me on a Friday night…
 Favourite Film?
Disney’s Enchanted
Greatest Album of all time?
Spice by the Spice Girls, and I maintain they are NOTHING without Posh!
Who’s your hero and why?
My mum, she is a legend. 
What are you currently watching on TV?
Modern Family, Desperate Housewives and for some intellectual night time viewing, The Goldberg’s.


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