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The cargo bike push continues

In August 2017, the first five of our new-age cargo bikes joined our London fleet. Since then we’ve expanded to 25 electrically assisted ones, boasting one of London’s largest fleets and bringing our zero-emission fleet to 120+ vehicles.

cargo bikes

Cargo bikes are not a new concept for CitySprint but the impact on the A to B same day courier business is remarkable. These bikes were operationally critical to maintaining high service levels during the intense pre-Christmas peak.

One cargo bike has a load capacity of up to 100kg and can carry most items a small van can. Based on our inner London time trials, these bikes complete jobs 50% faster than a van at peak times on week days. Everyone wins: the customer receives their items faster and their satisfaction increases, couriers complete deliveries faster and can accept subsequent jobs, and the obvious winner is the environment.

The candid feedback from one courier says it all, “these are fun to ride and clients are really happy to see their delivery arrive in one”.

With ULEZ just over 12 months away, we will continue to expand the cargo bike fleet alongside our other zero-emission vehicles, all contributing to our goal of having a zero-emission fleet in central London by the end of 2019.

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