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The power of choice – driving environmental change

The phrase ‘decision fatigue’ was introduced in the early 2000s to characterise the seemingly exponential number of choices that consumers face daily.

From the number of shampoo varieties available in the grocery store to the omnipresence of apps demanding our attention with their notifications. The impact is so profound that many business leaders, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Ma, wear the same outfit nearly every day to remove the decision of choosing clothes each morning. This may seem trivial, but when we make thousands of small decisions daily, the first decisions of the morning are key to shaping our forthcoming thought patterns.

So where are we going with all this quasi-philosophical talk, and how does it relate to environmental change?

As members of the on-demand economy we motion to our phones and a pizza, taxi, or even a pair of shoes can appear within minutes. Now that these decisions have become reflexive, we may not consider the full impact of each pizza ordered or each online purchase.

As a transport company facilitating the on-demand economy, it’s our goal to fulfil our customers’ deliveries on zero-emission vehicles wherever possible. We understand how many decisions humans make each day, especially when a time critical parcel needs delivery ASAP, and the environmental impact may not be front of mind. Allocating work to bicycles, cargo bikes, electric vans, and hydrogen vans gives us focus so our customers don’t need to add this to their ‘decision fatigue’.

As we enter a new decade, more and more businesses are demanding zero emission vehicles as a necessity rather than a luxury. It would be difficult today, to come across a business that doesn’t have a CSR or environmental policy and it’s a huge focus in all realms of life.

With the success story our cargo bikes in London last year, we’re increasing investment into zero-emission vehicles in 2020, Last year we made a staggering 43,900 deliveries on cargo bikes alone, an 82% increase since 2017, and we realise that there is more appetite for initiatives like these, particularly in urban areas.

As we enter a new decade, climate change is a leading topic at the forefront of politics, social awareness and businesses across the globe, yet when it comes to vehicle choice, the capability and reach doesn’t seem to be quite there yet.

 At CitySprint, we’re strong campaigners for greener delivery solutions and for this to become a reality, there needs to be some big changes within infrastructure and price to make these more affordable and practical for both businesses and families.

Until this time comes, we will continue to work with academics, manufacturers and recognised government bodies to inspire change and work to provide greener solutions for our customers.

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