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An interview with Russell Allton-White

As part of our Pride blog series, we are chatting with CitySprint's Russell Allton-White.

What is it you do for the business?

Customer Service Executive in the Warwick office

Tell me about a typical day

 Wake up and consume far too much coffee then get in my car, have a mini mobile disco before arriving at the office ready for a day of customers!

How long have you worked for CitySprint and what did you do before hand?

I used to live the dream and work in Life Insurance. I have now been at CitySprint 7 years and counting…

How do you unwind when you’re not at work?

I chill at home with my husband, generally spending far too much on Deliveroo andwatching re-runs of RuPauls’ Drag race- that and musical theatre because who doesn’t love being a stereotype.

What’s it like to be a gay man in 2019? Are there still barriers?

I think generally it is easier but not at a level is should be. I am lucky that I haven’t ever really experienced any negativity from people, but friends and my husband have experienced issues first hand. Things are so much better than even 10 years ago but there are still parts of the population who can’t understand the basic concept of love is love.

Is Pride still important in 2019?

Until such time that the LGBTQ+ community, worldwide, can live freely without fear of prejudice, prosecution and even death, then Pride will remain vitally important. In the UK we have some of the most progressive laws in the world however homophobic and transphobic hate crime is on the increase. We exist, we are people, we are your friends, neighbours, colleagues and we deserve to be treated that way. The Stonewall riots started the movement 50 years ago and the fight for equality will continue. It is also a bloody good excuse for a party!!!!

Have you ever been to a Pride parade, and will you be going to any this year?

In the past I have been to Coventry, Leicester, Manchester, Brighton, Warwickshire (held in Leamington Spa), Gran Canaria and Hastings. This year I have been to London and am attending Croydon Pride tomorrow. My husband’s company often partake in Pride so sometimes it’s for pleasure and other times its to help-out.

Now it’s time for some quickfire questions:

Favourite holiday destination?
Gran Canaria

If you were Prime Minister for the day, what’s one law that you’d pass?
Marriage equality in Northern Ireland (the only part of the UK that does not have gay marriage)

Favourite Film?
Avengers Endgame

Greatest Album of all time?
OK Computer by Radiohead… unless I have had a drink, then it’s Girls Aloud’s Greatest Hits

If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you’d spend it on?
2 Huskies for my husband! He is desperate for dogs and it will keep him quiet!  

Who’s your hero and why?
I would say my mum just for being her and fulfilling the role of both mother and father,, but then Britney could drop a ‘banger’ and suddenly there’s a new hero in town.
We’ll be back next week for another Delivered with Pride blog, so stay tuned.


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