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Dogs Trust making a difference with CitySprint

Sarah and Tracey-Jane from CitySprint, were invited to an evening auction in Cardiff organised by Dogs Trust. The event raised over £130,000 for the charity’s mission and we helped with the shipping of prizes across the UK and worldwide.

As the largest animal welfare charity in the UK, Dogs Trust specialises in the wellbeing of all dogs in need of help. Through various incentives such as sponsorships and donations, the trust can offer animal care and rehoming for dogs across the country.


Building a strong relationship

After reading an article on the animal welfare charity, Sarah Bishop, our dedicated Territory Manager decided to reach out and see if we could help them with our courier services. A few months later, we became strong partners providing the trust with specialist logistical services supporting their mission.


Snoopy sculptures

As one if their incentives, Dogs Trust raises funds by auctioning their unique collection of Snoopy sculptures designed by talented artists. However, the sculptures are fragile and need to be transported with great care.

With our Same day service, we transported these large and fragile sculptures across the UK to all the artists and then brought them back to Cardiff for the international online charity auction.

Collecting funds for the cause

As a sign of gratitude, both Sarah Bishop and Tracey-Jane Smith who is also a Territory Manager at CitySprint, were invited to an evening auction in Cardiff on the 21st of June. Individuals from across the world were making bids on their favourite Snoopy, in hopes of acquiring their favourite sculptures.

The event raised over £130,000 for the charity’s mission. CitySprint worked with the winning bidders and organised delivery of all the sculptures across the UK and worldwide. We offered specifically designed crating to ensure these delicate pieces of art arrived safely to each destination.

Dogs Trust and CitySprint have developed a great relationship powered by communication, ensuring that everyone is aware of delivery requirements. As a dedicated courier partner, Citysprint continue to have a strong partnership with the Dogs Trust, as we support courier requirements across their 22 re-homing locations in the UK and Europe.


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