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CitySprint and Clean Air Day 2019

Air pollution is real and is harming the health of millions of UK citizens every day. Thankfully, there are many actions we can take to tackle this problem, resulting in improvements to public health and air quality.

Clean Air Day is the only national public engagement campaign focused on air pollution, so it performs a vital role. However, not enough is being done to inform people and encourage them to take steps to improve air pollution. There is an opportunity for like-minded businesses to join us in leading the way with this vital campaign to protect the health of our nation.

How CitySprint is going Green


As the largest same day courier and logistics company in the UK, with a fleet of vehicles that emit greenhouse gases (GHG) everyday across the country, it is imperative that we acknowledge our duty to reduce emissions. It’s our responsibility to lead efforts that will leave the environment in a better condition for future generations. Improving air quality is a focal point for our business, especially in metropolitan areas.

We are working with TfL and local communities to understand how hubs like cargo bike parking can promote zero emission transport. Furthermore, we are committed to improving our technology to enable us  to cluster deliveries to reduce time on the road, dead mileage and ultimately the amount of GHG we emit. Our vision is to offer the best green delivery service - the right vehicle for the right package, at the right time, resulting in the right package being delivered at the right time using the lowest environmental impact.

Keep it Green Team!


Our green initiatives are playing an active role in improving air quality and stem from an understanding that, due to the nature of our work, the logistics industry has a major role to play in lowering emissions. It is through actions such as Clean Air Day that we can continue to raise awareness in our industry with the aim of tackling air pollution and, where logistics is concerned, encourage businesses to think strategically in order to minimise the damage caused to the environment.


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