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A visit to Crisis to see their vital work in action

Barbara, a member of our CSR team, recently visited Crisis’ new location in London to learn more about the life-changing work the homelessness charity provides.

CitySprint has been supporting Crisis for well over a decade with vital funds, as well as donating our vans to help through house moves, moving inventory and other important life events for those experiencing homelessness.

The charity’s new London home is equipped with many different resources ranging from learning activities to healthcare and continues all the way to providing technical knowledge on rent, getting jobs, and more. These activities aim to aid people in challenging situations facing different needs and provide them with a comprehensive support system to ensure future success.

One of the most recent ways in which CitySprint was able to help Crisis is when the charity received a donation of 200 computer monitors. The donor was located in Glasgow and unfortunately, they were not able to deliver them. On top of that, they also needed collection at short notice and at a specific time. CitySprint was able to step in and offer our vans to be used for delivering the monitors promptly to help people seeking better opportunities.

In addition, our vans are regularly used to move items to the charity’s different shops, which is an important source of income to help the charity continue its important work. We’re also proud to support the ‘Crisis at Christmas’ initiative with CitySprint vans. The programme provides high-quality shelter, meals, and companionship for thousands of people in vulnerable situations during the most challenging time of the year.

Barbara said,

“I was so happy to see what amazing work they do, and the structure they have to support people in need. They have meeting rooms on the ground floor to give privacy to those seeking help, which makes a real difference.

Their medical assistance is quite impressive too; offering an in-house optical lab and therapy sessions alongside other healthcare services. It is heart-warming to see CitySprint support such an important charity.”

Please donate directly through their website if you can: https://www.crisis.org.uk/.

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