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Women's History Month 2019 - Monica, Relationship Manager

The month of March is now nationally known as Women’s History month which highlights the contributions of women to society and history. We’re proud to announce that 38% of our team consist of females which is above the 20% national average for transport sector employees. To celebrate we are introducing a blog series over the next few weeks to honour the women in our business!

First inline is Monica Pound: 

My name is Monica and I am a Relationship Manager for CitySprint. I joined the business as part of an acquisition and have worked for the company for 7 years but have been in the industry for more than double that!

My first job was working as a Junior Secretary for a construction company, and in 1970, I was approached by my manager who told me I was being given a pay rise due to the introduction of the Equal Pay Act that came into place on 29th May that year. I remember feeling dismayed but had a feeling of hope that things were changing.

My role today includes being the first point of contact for clients and producing weekly and monthly reports along with implementing new contracts, ensuring that everything is running smoothly.

The thing I love most about my job is the people I work with. In the last few years I’ve been recognised for my mentor abilities and it’s been thoroughly rewarding to guide and tutor future Relationship Managers, helping them to develop and seeing their growth.

About 18 months ago, I began working on a huge contract for the business that I had to get signed and implemented, and I was working with a senior member of the sales team to do this. I was delighted to be treated as his equal throughout the project. He made me feel wonderfully valuable and he became a joy to work with. It was a challenging contract and we were met with some resistance, but I can honestly say that the client is 100% happy now and as a Relationship Manager, that is something I love to see.

My one piece of advice I would give to anyone else who is looking to become a Relationship Manager is to always remember to listen to the client (and others!) as this is a master skill for personal and professional success.

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