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Celebrating our female colleagues on International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is a global event that celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political accomplishments of women from all walks of life. This IWD, we have taken the opportunity to speak with a few of our inspirational female colleagues and ask ‘What does today mean for you?’

Empowering women in a business environment is a prominent challenge in today’s society. At CitySprint, we aim to champion the development of all our colleagues and work to embrace and celebrate diversity, inclusion, and accessibility within the workforce. This International Women's Day, we celebrate all our female colleagues and the outstanding work and dedication they contribute to the success of our business.  

Our three spotlights this International Women’s Day are Holly Hatch, Rhianne Joseph and Lynsey Barrett.  

Holly Hatch, National Sales Manager 

“Logistics is a male dominated industry, but there's a wave of women dominating the agenda and making their mark across the industry. International Women's Day draws attention to what still needs to be done. There are so many women contributing to the industry, but often their value can be overlooked because of unconscious bias of others. As a mum of two amazing young women, I am immensely proud of their rejection of bias even when it's accepted and normalised. Change is pioneered by our young adults, and they will shape the workplace of tomorrow…brighter days ahead.” 


Rhianne Joseph, Digital Marketing Manager 

“I really appreciate IWD because not only does it help us women to be seen for our achievements, but it also pushes us to continue striving for more as it highlights what still needs to be done. Being a woman, more specifically a black woman in today’s society, has led me to embrace my individuality and to celebrate it. No matter the industry or company for which I work, I have vowed to always know my worth, and to ask for what I deserve. As a woman I feel it is so important to have confidence in my ability to meaningfully contribute to my workplace.” 


Lynsey Barrett, Regional Manager Scotland & North  

“For me, I have grown up working in a male dominated environment so have never really experienced anything different. I have been fortunate enough to have been presented with opportunities and grabbed them with both hands. I do feel like us woman still have to fight that little bit harder for recognition and opportunities compared to our male counter parts not just in business but in a lot of aspects of life.” 

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