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Celebrating Learning at Work week with our placement student, Chloe

This week was ‘Learning at Work Week’, and here at CitySprint, we encourage all colleagues to get involved with on the job learning to enhance personal development.

We spoke with Marketing Assistant Chloe Justice, who’s at CitySprint as part of her placement year at University. The aim of her yearlong placement is to get hands on experience in the marketing industry to better understand the theory taught at University. Despite working from home during her time here, she has managed to get involved in key marketing projects to prepare her for a career in marketing.

What were you doing before you started CitySprint?

Before CitySprint, I was in my second year at Bournemouth University studying Marketing Communications with Advertising and had a part time job in the leisure industry. Bournemouth University encourages all students to gain work experience in their placement year to graduate with a degree and experience, hence why I’ve taken the year out to work. I’ve always taken an interest in in-house marketing due to the versatility and variety of responsibilities involved, so CitySprint was the perfect fit for me. I’m 10 months in my placement year and I can say it’s been the most insightful, fulfilling time despite working during a pandemic!

What’s been your highlight so far?

I would say the experience wouldn’t be what it is without my amazing team. I was welcomed in with open arms and each team member supports me in their own unique way; whether it be content marketing or SEO, there’s someone on the team to call to if I find myself stuck. I thought working from home would affect my learning experience, but everyone was able to adapt well and teach me through the screen!

What top tips would you give to anyone starting their placement?

My advice would be don’t be afraid to pitch ideas to your team, no matter how silly they may seem. No idea is a bad idea, most of the time your idea can be developed and adapted to create something which will deliver results.

What has learning at work looked like for you?

I’m constantly learning on the job! Whether it be weekly tutorials with my manager, Niel, or working through online courses to better understand the project I’m working on, there’s always room to enhance my knowledge. Even with my own tasks and responsibilities I find myself learning as I go along. The beauty of working in in-house marketing is that there’s always someone new to learn from; even if they aren’t working in marketing, I’m sure there’s something they can teach you. I’ve managed to improve key workplace skills such as communication, time management and organisation too!

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