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Want to earn extra cash but keen to stay close to home?

Local courier work is perfect for you! Use your own car to make local deliveries in your community, all on a schedule chosen by you.


You can work locally to earn some extra cash as a part time job, or even as a supplement to your full time job. We pay every Friday, straight into your account


Work when you want, where you want, all on a schedule that is totally yours. The beauty of being a local courier is that you can work as few or as many hours as you like


Make deliveries in your local area- no long distance travel! You will also have the full support of your friendly service centre team 24/7, just in case you need any help or have any questions

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Before you start your application

you will need the following...

Application checklist

  • - Your National Insurance Number
  • - Your Passport / documents to prove your nationality and entitlement to work in the UK
  • - Your driving licence
  • - A recent image of the vehicle you will be using

If you are missing any of the above but still want to sign up to be a CitySprint courier, get in touch with the team to discuss your options:


This type of work might be suitable if...


- You want to earn extra money

- You want to work in your community

- You own or hire a suitable vehicle in good condition


Courier insurance is required for all motorised vehicles.

We're also looking for van drivers - find out more about our van driving  jobs.

Life as a CitySprint local courier

Read testimonials from some of the local couriers in our fleet...

I enjoy being a courier at CitySprint because of the flexibility it gives me with my hours. Having the choice of when I would like to work and how many hours per day is great - I would certainly recommend it!
Local Courier
It’s nearly 2 years now since I started working with CitySprint. I enjoy having a flexible approach to the days I work which suits me well. The CitySprint team are friendly and helpful if I need any support.
A local courier in London

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