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We offer SameDay Courier, International Courier and UK overnight services no matter the size of your business or the sector you operate in. We also offer a specialist courier service for the delivery of samples for testing, SecureData Courier service and medical courier services for the Cambridge area. 

CitySprint has been operating in Cambridge for over 12 years, providing a 24/7 booking service to the surrounding areas, including Peterborough, Letchworth, Newmarket, Ely and Royston. Centrally located, we are in the heart of the local business area with easy access to the A10 and M11 for rapid collection and delivery times.

We pride ourselves on providing local customer service, backed by our national presence and intuitive online booking, tracking and reporting platform. In fact, all of our couriers are equipped with the latest GPS technology allowing you to track deliveries in real-time, even from your smartphone with our new app, MyCourier.


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We are growing faster than ever before and have one of the busiest courier circuits in the UK, so it's the perfect time to sign up with CitySprint. Find out more and apply to our courier jobs.

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