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Net Zero Spotlight On: The contribution of cargo bikes to our green miles

In the previous instalment of our Net Zero spotlight series, we spoke to Janus who started using an electric van in 2022. In this instalment of the series, we spoke to Joachim, who has been working as a courier for 20 years and transitioned from a pushbike to a cargo bike in 2020.

After starting out as a pushbike courier, Joachim was incentivised to transition to a cargo bike in 2020, recognising that heavier deliveries would be made possible with the electric support of the bike, boosting his earning power.

Here, he tells us why he’s passionate about contributing to emission-free transportation and his tips for getting to grips with a cargo bike.
What inspired you to prioritise sustainability in your work? Can you share why you believe 'green miles' are so important, and what aspects of biking for deliveries do you particularly enjoy?
"The concept of 'green miles' has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. I've been in this profession for 20 years, and when I began, there weren't as many environmentally friendly options available.
I'm confident that I've contributed to the cause by sharing my experiences with other couriers and explaining why I choose to do this work. I am proud in being part of emission-free transportation, particularly because I understand the significant impact it has on the wellbeing of city residents."
Sustainability often involves personal choices and habits. Are there specific sustainable practices or initiatives you've adopted in your courier work that you're especially proud of or that reflect your personal values?
"Since I have become more sensitive towards environmental issues, and more personally aligned with the use of eco-friendly resources, I feel I see things more clearly.
Additionally, working as a cargo bike courier in the city has provided me with the opportunity to observe and appreciate green areas and I've had the chance to explore and get to know London, not just my local area but the entire city."
Many couriers have favourite routes or regular encounters that make their work special. Could you describe a favourite route you enjoy cycling, a familiar face you always see along the way, or a customer you particularly enjoy working with? How do these elements enhance your experience as a courier?
"Customers have been socially very pleasant, and I've built many memories with them. Some clients even offer me refreshments, which adds to the enjoyment.
I really enjoy being outdoors; it lacks the confinement of an office space, and that's one of the wonderful aspects of working as a courier.
To succeed in this role, I would say you need to be willing to work, comfortable with outdoor tasks, and appreciate the simplicity of handling cargo bikes. The cargo bikes are easy to ride and fast, they are quicker than anything else, especially in Central London. Moreover, it's physically invigorating, contributing to a healthier lifestyle. For me, riding a cargo bike is both a straightforward and enjoyable experience."
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