Committed to doing the right thing.

Delivering social responsibility to keep our communities thriving.

Creating a better future for us all

These are the four core pillars of our CSR programme that outline the steps we're taking to deliver on our commitment.

Empowering our people

Supporting the wellbeing and development of our colleagues, celebrating diversity in our workforce and championing inclusion and accessibility.

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Supporting local communities

Making a positive difference to the people and communities in the local areas we operate in.

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Backing business

Helping businesses grow and succeed, especially our local couriers who provide services to us.

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Building a greener future

Reducing the impact of logistics on the environment.

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Our journey to being carbon neutral

The time to act is now. We've accelerated plans to becoming a carbon neutral company and have set two key targets that are fundamental to us combatting climate change: 


  • -   Providing carbon neutral delivery by the end of 2022

  • -   Becoming completely carbon neutral by the end of 2023


We're inviting all our customers to join us on the programme to offset 100% of our delivery generated carbon. Emissions will be offset through a variety of ways - supporting wind, solar and hydro projects, and planting trees and woodlands - all around the world.