Committed to doing the right thing.

Delivering social responsibility to keep our communities thriving.

Creating a more sustainable future for us all

These are the four core pillars of our CSR programme that outline the steps we're taking to deliver on our commitment.

Empowering our people

Supporting the wellbeing and development of our colleagues, celebrating diversity in our workforce and championing inclusion and accessibility.

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Supporting local communities

Making a positive difference to the people and communities in the local areas we operate in.

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Backing business

Helping businesses grow and succeed, especially our local couriers who provide services to us.

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Building a sustainable future

Reducing the impact of logistics on the environment.

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Award-winning CSR initiative

We are proud gold awards winner of the 'Best CSR Initiative' award at the UK Business Awards 2022.

The awards programme honours and recognises businesses, teams, and individuals that have created outstanding business initiatives. 

Our extensive CSR programme focuses on the training and development of employees, aiding small businesses and charitable groups in the community, as well as doing our part to lessen the environmental impact of our operations.

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Certified carbon neutral

We are working in partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain to offset all carbon emissions from our company operations every quarter, over the next 2 years. Rather than just measuring and reducing emissions, we are taking a proactive approach to invest in carbon emissions offsetting programs.

In 2022 we offset the total carbon footprint of our operations (scope 1, 2 and 3) from the period of 1st January 2022 – 31st December 2022 to become certified as Carbon Neutral Company for a period of 3 months. Since then, we have continued to offset our emissions on a quaterely schedule through four Certified Emissions Reductions (CER) offsetting projects.


 Burgos Wind Farm, Phillipines

 Andes Mountains Hydro Power, Chile

 Rice Husk Power, Cambodia

 Huaneng Changyi Wind Farm, China

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