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Net Zero Spotlight On: Competing for Sustainability

Discover how we're actively making a difference and contributing towards a net-zero future.

CitySprint is boldly stepping forward to make a difference and contribute to a net-zero future. From adopting energy-efficient practices to implementing comprehensive carbon reporting, we're actively responding to the challenges of climate change. Read on to discover some of the initiatives, insights and stories from our team that underscore our unwavering commitment to a sustainable world. 

A competitive spirit for sustainability 

One of our key initiatives to boost energy efficiency was the launch of a sustainability competition among our service centres. This competition aimed to identify the service centres that excelled in promoting energy-efficient behaviour. The winners of the Sustainable Service Centre of the Quarter were Bristol (Q1) and Manchester (Q2), recognised for their outstanding energy performance per square foot. 

Q1 winner, Fabio Marini, Bristol Service Centre Manager, said: “Energy conservation is now ingrained in our daily routines. We actively seek out ways to minimise waste and make it a point to discuss the importance of energy efficiency in our meetings. We've even developed a checklist for our end-of-day team to ensure no lights or equipment are left unnecessarily on.” 

Similarly, Q2 winner, Neil Burgoyne, Manchester's Service Centre Manager, said: “Our team's journey towards energy consciousness has been a collective effort. We've made it a habit to discuss energy consumption during meetings and encourage our team leaders to do the same within their groups. It's the small, simple actions of everyone that have collectively earned us the well-deserved title of Sustainable Service Centre of the Quarter." 

Being green is good for business  

We've also noticed a significant shift in customer expectations when it comes to sustainability. More and more customers are prioritising social responsibility and environmental action. Tenders now frequently include considerations for social value, sustainability, and social expectations. In 2021, 27% of tenders had these elements, but that number surged to 60% in 2022. The weight assigned to social value in tender evaluations has also increased, ranging from 2% to 20%, reflecting the growing demand for socially conscious solutions. 

Additionally, specific sustainability initiatives like the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Ecovadis have gained prominence. In 2022, we received requests from only two customers for CDP participation and two for Ecovadis assessments. However, in the following year, the number of customers requesting CDP participation rose to five, and we shared our Ecovadis score with ten customers. This demonstrates an increasing emphasis on environmental transparency and a heightened interest in addressing climate-related risks. 

Overdelivering on sustainability  

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of our sustainability journey is the way it has surprised our customers, demonstrating that even a courier service can and should be a green business. A major European bank had initially expected carbon reports and sustainability initiatives during a supplier assessment, but what they discovered left a lasting impression instead. Our comprehensive carbon reporting, ambitious reduction strategy, and impactful offsetting programme made us stand out, and the bank viewed CitySprint as a valuable case study for its other suppliers.  

This experience highlights the importance of customers expecting and demanding the utmost sustainable values from all the businesses and suppliers they engage with. In this evolving landscape, sustainability should be a shared commitment and a collective responsibility that transcends industry boundaries. 

From our sustainable service centres to our proactive response to changing customer sustainability demands, we persistently pursue excellence in every facet of our business operations. Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to minimising our carbon footprint and actively contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.  

Details of CitySprint's CSR strategy can be found at www.citysprint.co.uk/about-us/csr

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