CitySprint business accounts

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CitySprint business accounts

Why open an account?

If you send more then 10 items a week you could benefit from a CitySprint business account. Along with great rates and discounts there are a range of benefits to help you and your business.

 Sign up today and benefit from: 

  • Exclusive pricing and rates 
Receive bespoke rates, exclusive to business account holders only.
  • Your choice of payment options 
Choose a payment option to suit your business including debit/credit card or invoice. 
  • Instant access to online booking 
Get full access to our online booking platforms and easy to use dashboard to make booking a job quick and hassle free.
  • Real-time tracking and in-flight notifications 
Track the whereabouts of your parcel with our real-time tracking and in-flight notifications and choose a dedicated delivery window to make the delivery a smooth process.
  • Detailed job and account reporting 
​Receive a full report on each job and easily manage your account to ensure trouble-free admin.
  • Online contact and address book
​Save time and make regular deliveries quick and easy by saving known delivery addresses.

A CitySprint business account

Whom is a business account suitable for?

Anyone that wants to send 10+ packages a week or is seeking a logistics partner for bespoke deliveries. No matter whether you're a multinational, SME or even a sole trader, by partnering with us you could save time and money.

Why would we recommend having a business account?

To help create the best delivery experience, whether it's for your customers, other businesses or even internally. By alleviating time-consuming processes such as booking and billing, and consolidating them in our easy to use online platform, you can focus on the core operations of your business.

How many companies have a business account?

We support over 14,000 businesses across the UK. Even though the size of our operations is nationwide, we provide the service and support of a local company. For you, this means working with a team of dedicated delivery experts in your region, who can help tailor our services to fit your business’s needs.

Why is CitySprint the right choice?

We build long-lasting relationships with our customers through understanding their requirements and providing solutions they can scale. As an extension of your business, it's important that we understand your issues, strategies and priorities. From publishing to healthcare, manufacturing to entertainment, we support businesses across a whole range of sectors, providing them with opportunities for streamlining, process improvement and growth.
  • UK's largest same day courier network
  • Bespoke logistics solutions
  • Reliable, flexible and secure deliveries
  • Services tailored to your specific business needs