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Sending packages and parcels

A guide to our services and securing your deliveries

Your ultimate packaging guide

SameDay UK courier services

Speedy and secure delivery service for irreplaceable or time-sensitive items.

All CitySprint SameDay courier services include real-time tracking and status updates by SMS or email, letting you know where your delivery is at every step of the way.


Best for: Simple, same day deliveries
Key features: Securing deliveries on a local, regional, or nationwide scale, including ad hoc, urgent deliveries or regular scheduled bookings


Best for: Urgent, same day deliveries
Key Features: Operating on a ‘last on, first off’ priority to ensure your delivery arrives in a timely manner

Priority Secure

Best for: Delivering confidential, valuable items person to person
Key Features: Dedicated vehicles are used to deliver to the nominated addressee only, ensuring your delivery only goes from you to the person who needs it, with no extra stops. A specialist customer care team helps with bookings and delivery management, keeping you updated every step of the way for extra peace of mind

NextDay UK parcel services

Less urgent deliveries for items that aren’t fragile or perishable. All UK overnight services include online tracking and PODs.

Overnight Standard

Best for: Next day delivery within the UK
Key Features: Cost efficient option for deliveries made by close of business using our selected partners

Overnight Timed

Best for: Next day deliveries within the UK, to a deadline
Key Features: Overnight delivery service in conjunction with our selected partners to get your packages delivered within specific deadlines

International courier services

For all deliveries beyond the UK. All International services include online shipment tracking and PODs.

International Standard

Best for: Any overseas delivery
Key Features: Door-to-door courier delivery with shipment tracking to keep you updated every step of the way

International Timed

Best for: Certain overseas deliveries made within a deadline
Key Features: Door-to-door courier delivery made within specific time slots to select destinations around the world


For all your unique delivery requirements.


Best for: Tailor-made delivery options to suit all your specific needs
Key Features: Logistics support to navigate through any highly-specific delivery needs, keeping you updated every step of the way

Packaging tips

If you need any help packing your parcel, or if you have high-value items to send, get in touch with our team, who will be more than happy to assist.

Fragile items

Fragile items should have plenty of padding around them in the box in order to protect it while in transit. They should ideally be in a good condition and able to withstand any impact.

smaller items

Small items like books and DVDs should be delivered in padded envelopes to protect them from any accidental damage in transit. If the item is a gift, put the padded envelope in a box for added protection.

Filling the space

Bubble wrap, packing chips, or paper shreds are excellent ways to fill empty spaces and keep your items secure in the box. Avoid overloading your box to ensure it doesn’t burst.

Sending gifts

When sending a gift, try and keep any attractive gift-wrapping contained in the delivery packaging. We also suggest using strong packaging tape or a strapping machine to put the finishing touches to your package, ensuring it’s securely sealed in transit.

Picking the packaging

We recommend using strong packaging that hasn’t been damaged and preferably that hasn’t been used before. However, if you are reusing a box, ensure that all old labels have been removed.

Mailing Address

Although the sending address has been secured to the outside of your package, we would still recommend putting a note containg ther sending adress in the parcel too. This is so in the unlikely case the label comes off in transit, we would still know where the pacel is inteded to go.

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