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Smart features you can trust

  • A GPS-enabled fleet and advanced fleet mapping software deliver speed and efficiency
  • Real time tracking and real time maps provide transparency and peace of mind
  • Advanced online booking and reporting make your life easier
  • Time stamped job audits and electronic proof of delivery provide a clear chain of custody
  • Email and SMS status notifications keep you in the loop


API systems integration

Our APIs act as a real time interface that opens a direct connection to CityTrak, one of the most efficient dispatch management systems in the industry, enabling better collaboration with our customers and simpler workflow.
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Routing software

With a dedicated planning team utilising an advanced routing and scheduling software, we can produce both strategic analysis and planning modelling. Dedicated routes are created for your operations and your database, ensuring greater productivity and adaptation to demanding changes.
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Pinpoint Technology

Our new track and trace facility provides total visibility of items throughout the chain of custody in the CitySprint same day network, ensuring our customers always have a real-time, detailed overview of their parcels. 
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