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API systems integration

  • What is it? A versatile API (Application Programming Interface) enables your systems and ours to communicate with each other. With a set of requirements and instructions, the software can provide services to another application.
  • What does it do? Enables fast CitySprint integration for all our customers, providing a channel through which key data, such as job information, can be passed from customer order processing systems or intranets to our dispatch management systems. 

  • What are the benefits? Speedy integration and secure collaboration is made simple for you. Save time and costs, by avoiding the need for an expensive one off interface development and easy maintenance.
  • How can I access it? Simply contact your account manager to get access to our CitySprint API portal hosted on Azure developer portal. Then, create a developer account, get your API key and send your first API request.
  • How do I use it? API systems integration is provided using SOAP over HTTP, with parameter and return data in XML documents and SSL data encryption.