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“We are extremely pleased with the level of service and care that CitySprint has provided for our customers. We look forward to working with them on projects in the future as we continue to grow.”
"The fact that we have a local Brighton service centre means that if ever any issues arise, we are able to speak to an experienced advisor quickly and efficiently."
Edwards and Hope.
“CitySprint are reliable and good to work with. They always get the job done.”


"At the drop of a hat CitySprint Health has provided our shielding customers with their prescriptions…the resource they’ve dedicated to us with minimal notice has been superb…"
Asda Pharmacy - Scott Jackson, DSV & Carrier Performance Analyst.
"CitySprint satisfies all the requirements set out within the guidelines of Good Distribution Practice, Home Office and the MHRA. The delivery service enables us to deliver medication quickly and effectively whilst maintaining security and integrity."
University Hospitals Plymouth.
“I would just like to say that your Norwich team are a brilliant bunch of people to work alongside, they are very accommodating with lots of different queries that arise from our patients.“
Norfolk & Norwich Hospital Pharmacy - Donna Cornwell Delivery Hub Co-Ordinator.
"This is an excellent, trustworthy service that I know I can rely on. The items we sent were irreplaceable and we needed a service provider who could manage collection and delivery, as well as keep us informed every step of the way - which our Account Manager did."
Medical Solicitors.
"Everything went very smoothly, as we had a couple of jobs booked for today. I like the tracking and notifications we get on the website, allowing us to plan our day much easier knowing when things are arriving.”
Exactech UK - Robert Williams, Distribution Manager.

Public sector & Charity

“CitySprint have been extremely helpful. I really appreciate your ability to ship such large items swiftly and your local knowledge. Communication has been efficient and straight forward and I would recommend using CitySprint to others.”
Dogs Trust - Laura Kennedy, Coordinator.
“Our staff don’t have houses full of boxes and bubble wrap – so the fact that they can pop equipment in a bag and hand it to a driver who passes it to one of our team is invaluable!”
The University of Edinburgh.
“The study has delivered fantastic figures and working with you has helped with our clinical research study. We have developed a nice relationship and the courier shipments have played a vital part of our study delivery”
University of Leeds - Claire Eckert, Operations Director, Leeds Diagnosis and Screening Unit (LDSU) LIHS.
“CitySprint are the perfect example of a successful participant of our EV Trials scheme. We’re impressed with how quickly they’ve decided to purchase 4 of their own electric vans. We hope other businesses follow the great example they’ve set”
Leeds City Council - Ellie Salvidge, Senior Project Officer.

Professional services

“I just wanted to say how helpful Jason from CitySprint was yesterday in going above and beyond his duties. Thank you so much"
BDO - Pam Willoughby, Senior Receptionist.
“We have had a few of our Metroline coordinators reach out to me over the past few weeks expressing how they are very glad to have CitySprint back on the scene dealing with deliveries and collections – many thanks! "
Tailored Image - Mary Stewart, Customer Service Executive.
“Working with CitySprint has allowed us to offer unique services to our customers — especially CitySprint's same-day service. We have customers that need goods delivered urgently and this offering provides them with a fast, reliable and flexible service unavailable anywhere else.”
World Options - Sam Whittaker, Marketing Manager.
"From my point of view, I thought the service from yourself, and the ops team was superb, overall, I would say it was a success, to have a job that size to go without any issues would have been a miracle!"
Amdocs - Kate Newman, Facility Management Lead


"You were able to offer a bespoke solution and we felt we were always in very safe hands. We love working with you and a huge thank you to [the team]. You’re amazing!!"
Leith’s at the EICC - Edinburgh International Conference Centre.
"CitySprint has been a great partner as we have pivoted to the delivery of boxes over lockdown and beyond. Alongside CitySprint, we were able to set up the systems and infrastructure for this new side of our business with ease.”
Riding House Café - Neil Buckingham, Operations Manager.


“We absolutely love the communication and tracking, if anything goes wrong our account manager is on it and we can always rely on him to get the job done.”
Workbench - Heather Bridge-Carter, Office Manager.

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