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Spotlighting our sustainability for Earth Day

Today marks the official #EarthDay of 2024, with April being the official #EarthMonth. We wanted to spotlight our emission-free vehicles and sustainability to celebrate the occasion.

CitySprint has pledged to make a difference and contribute to a net-zero future by consistently adopting various energy-efficient practices. From our comprehensive carbon reporting to onboarding couriers onto the journey of transitioning from diesel to electric vehicles, sustainability has taken a front seat in our operations.

Our emission-free fleet consists of over 170 vehicles, with 40+ of them being emission-free e-vans. The vans are fully operational in several of our nationwide sites, carrying out local pickups and collections for regular customers, as well as ad-hoc bookings. Other vehicles included in this fleet are bicycles, e-bikes, cargo bikes, and e-motorcycles.

Using these vehicles, we travelled almost 1.3 million green miles across 2022 and 2023. The amount of CO2 emissions avoided is the equivalent of someone being a vegetarian for 1,392 years!* Between the start of 2022 and the end of 2023, we also managed to offset over 48,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide through multiple internationally certified carbon offsetting projects.

We’ve sat down with some of our drivers in recent months and they both highlighted their passion in contributing to emission-free transportation. Joachim, who transitioned from a pushbike to a cargo bike in 2020, has been able to explore and get to know London during his deliveries, which has made him more sensitive towards environmental issues.

Click here to read Joachim’s interview.

Janus, who started using an electric van in 2022, loves the benefits of using an electric vehicle. He highlighted its positive impact on the environment, its quietness in comparison to non-electric vehicles, and the customers’ sustainability appreciation when he pulls up with their deliveries.

Click here to read Janus’s interview.

From our sustainable service centres to our proactive response to changing customer sustainability demands, and a consistent push towards emission-free vehicles, we persistently pursue excellence in every facet of our business operations. Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to minimising our carbon footprint and actively contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Choose green deliveries this #EarthMonth and going forward, we only have one planet and it needs all of our help to thrive.

Details of CitySprint's CSR strategy can be found at www.citysprint.co.uk/about-us/csr.

*Calculated using flightfree.org.
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