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Making London a Zero Carbon City

The Mayor’s Transport Strategy has provided London with a clear vision on where we need to be to maintain our status as a leading global city.
It states that all road transport in London needs to be zero carbon by 2050.
Whilst that’s over 30 years away the time to make those changes is now – the incremental steps needed to make this a reality require joined up thinking from everyone. LoCITY is part of that conversation. We link policy makers with a reality check from manufacturers, provide retailers with access to operators who take responsibility for their emissions, help local authorities procure new technology and, show businesses where new technology has been successfully trialled elsewhere. All these tiny elements are part of a bigger movement to create cleaner air for residents and visitors.  

Zero carbon delivery – how do we do it?

Without these steps it’s impossible to imagine how London will have the cleanest air of any major city in the world.  There is nothing wrong with our level of ambition but as we see levels of van traffic continue to rise as deliveries and servicing needs boom, we need to question whether our pace of change is matching the economy which keeps London afloat.  Are we, or the organisation we work for doing all we can to maximise marginal gains?  Do we consider our own style of driving, have we tried cargo bikes, are we embracing the latest fuel technology, do we understand the efficiency of our own supply chains, have we explored alternative options for our fleets, and finally has the government created policies which generate market confidence? It’s only until we can answer yes to most of these questions that we will truly be far enough down the road to zero emissions. There is no alternative.

This is a guest blog by James Smith, the LoCITY Programme Manager at Transport for London. More information on LoCITY can be found at www.loCITY.org.uk

CitySprint is a partner of LoCITY, an industry led programme that is helping the freight and fleet sector lead the way in improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions.

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