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How do I secure my deliveries?

Delivering parcels across the UK and abroad, requires strong and secure technological capabilities to coordinate delivery routes, store various items or track deliveries at each step of the process.

With the rapid development of technology on a global scale, organisations must consider different security measures and ensure their operations are not at risk. In 2022, 39% of UK businesses identified a cyber-attack, with most of them (83%) accounting for phishing attempts (UK Government, 2022).

As many organisations require same day delivery services, the level of security offered by courier providers is crucial for operations. Companies from different industries could be exposed to certain risks such as data leaks containing sensitive financial information, lost packages, or delays that can directly impact revenue and profitability.



Online booking

Scheduling your deliveries online will often save you time and offer all the information required to understand the transportation process. Additionally, you should receive instant access to an audit trail and an electric proof of delivery after each delivery is scheduled.

Full reports can be downloaded directly from the platform, giving your accounting team a detailed breakdown of all transactions completed over a specified period. Most importantly, this information is secured and should be accessible by the account holder only. You’ll avoid any delays or data breaches that can occur via other methods such as incoming emails.


Tracking your parcels

Once your deliveries are booked and ready to go on the road, it’s time to review the tracking capabilities and the notification system. As most of us will have busy schedules on some days, you may be looking to get hold of quick and easily accessible updates for each delivery.

With your tracking number, you can check where your items are using any device connected to the internet. If you’re out of the office, simply use your smartphone to load your update quickly. You will also have the option to choose how you get notified, should you prefer receiving emails or text messages; the choice is yours.

Secure software

Your delivery partner should always use highly secured technology to give your operations full protection against any cyber threats. Sensitive data can involve personal employee information or financials details used online to make delivery bookings. You can discuss security requirements with your delivery partner and verify their cyber capabilities comply with your organisations or government regulations.

Routing software used by your logistics provider should plan all delivery operations effectively to save time and costs for your organisation. Detailed information on all deliveries will enable your team to achieve gains in productivity and be supported by a secured platform.


Other security factors


As we already know, cyber security is a strong factor for consideration in the logistics industry, but other security measures must also be reviewed properly. Courier drivers are the core of a delivery business, so trusting them with all kinds of parcels is important. DBS checks review courier backgrounds and suitability for their role to limit the need for caution.

You may also want to review the customer support offered by your delivery provider and how quickly they can address each enquiry. Developing a great relationship with the people you work with can help you avoid delays, losing items on the road, and therefore improve your operations’ security.


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