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Making CitySprint a great place to work

CitySprint generated a 91% response rate for the colleague feedback survey this year, collecting opinions from all across the business.

Improving the experience of our workforce and supporting their growth in the business is important to CitySprint. The process of empowering our people focuses on the wellbeing and personal development of our colleagues while embracing diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility in the workplace.

For this reason, CitySprint generates a yearly colleague feedback survey to gather opinions from all employees. With an increased response rate of over 91% this year - up from 78% in 2021, we now have even further insights and recommendations from individuals within the business to help improve our working environment.


Year-over-year growth

We’re delighted to see a general increase of positive responses since last year on topics concerning rewards, performance recognition and being valued at work. This stands as proof that not only are we listening to our workforce, but we are also acting on the feedback we receive.

Additionally, we collected direct recommendations from colleagues, on how we can make CitySprint a great place to work so we aim to make further improvements based on these comments.  

Above and beyond


In the context of improving our workplace, we believe that colleagues should be recognised for their consistent efforts and hard work. Based on our four core company values: accountability, ambition, empathy, and reliability, every quarter we nominate our local CitySprint Heroes as part of our rewards and recognition scheme. Each winner is announced in company-wide communications and receives shopping vouchers, a trophy, and a luxury hamper.

Ultimately, the future of CitySprint is largely impacted by the performance of our workforce. Therefore, giving colleagues a voice, ensuring they understand the difference their contributions make to the business, and celebrating the great work of individuals are key factors to our success.


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