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Receiving external ratings for our performance

CitySprint is proud to receive a ‘Silver’ EcoVadis sustainability performance rating as of January 2024.

This rating puts CitySprint in the top 15% of businesses assessed by EcoVadis in our industry for their sustainability efforts.

If you would like to learn more about EcoVadis, how businesses are assessed by the independent ratings agency, and our latest performance score, read our news update here.

EcoVadis certificate

Sustainability overview 2022-2023


Download our latest sustainability overview to learn more about our recent environmental achievements including updates on:


 Green miles covered by our emission-free vehicles

 Number of emission-free vehicles in our green fleet

 Emissions offset through our carbon offset programme

 Award recognition and accreditations

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Expanding our green fleet

Ensuring our customers have a wide selection of zero-emission delivery vehicles to choose from is extremely important to us. As part of our commitment to building a greener future, we are continuing to grow our green fleet of electric vehicles, pushbikes and cargo bikes. 

In 2022, we delivered on this promise by aquiring 40+ Maxus e-vans which are now operating in many major cities in the UK including London, Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, Southampton and Birmingham. 

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Key targets hit

CitySprint are proud to be a certified carbon neutral company. Big ideas, bold changes and pioneering initiatives have all contributed to this achievement and we’re proud of each one. Here are some of the markers on our green journey.

Carbon neutral. From 2022 to 2023 we offset all carbon emissions from our company through offsetting initiative Carbon Neutral Britain.

100% Renewable. In 2009 we moved all our sites to 100% renewable energy sources

Enabling customers. In 2007 we enabled carbon reporting and offsetting tools for our customers

Hydrogen power. In 2018 we started using the very first hydrogen powered van in the logistics industry

ISO 4001. In 2007 we achieved ISO 4001 Environmental Management System accreditation

Pedal power. We have London’s largest courier push bike fleet and a growing fleet of cargo bikes too

When you consider the figures, you can see how well environmental initiatives stack up. Since the launch of our emissions-free fleet, we have covered a staggering 2.35 million miles. That’s almost 100 trips around the world, and more significantly, a saving of over 560 tonnes of CO2.

Investing in emission reduction projects

Beginning in January 2022 and ending in December 2023, we worked with Carbon Neutral Britain to offset all carbon emissions from our company operations each quarter. Rather than just measuring and reducing emissions, we took a proactive approach to invest in carbon emissions offsetting programs.

Since then, we have continued to offset our emissions on a quaterely schedule through four Certified Emissions Reductions (CER) offsetting projects.


 Burgos Wind Farm, Phillipines

 Andes Mountains Hydro Power, Chile

 Rice Husk Power, Cambodia

 Huaneng Changyi Wind Farm, China

Carbon offsetting programme

Leading the way

Our aim is clear. We want to be green leaders in the same day delivery sector. Our environmental strategy is designed to ensure we hit the target.

Plastic revolution

Our aim is to convert all operational single-use plastics to recyclable or biodegradable products by 2025.

Recycling more and more

By the end of 2022, we managed to divert 95% of our total waste from landfill.

Consuming less

We achieved a 10% reduction in energy consumption, over triple the original 3% target.

A green army

We plan to deliver 200 green vehicles across 17 major UK cities by the end of 2023.

Zero-carbon incentives

We will introduce new zero-carbon price options to incentivise the least polluting customer choices.

The big one

We achieved carbon neutral status by Q1 2022, 18 months ahead of target.

Paving the way for a greener future

We aim to continuously makes strides to better our sustainable delivery offering.

Emission-free deliveries with Leeds City Council

In 2022, we joined Leeds City Council’s campaign to help tackle the climate emergency by trialling one of their electric vans for our local deliveries.

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EAV Trial in London and Oxford

We are committed to offering our clients innovative green solutions that meet their requirements and we believe the EAV 2Cubed vehicles offer a perfect solution.

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Award body recognition

Our dedication to sustainability was recognised by the SHD Logistics Award body with the shortlisting of the ‘Above and Beyond’ award and the ‘Environment’ award.

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Interested in our other CSR pillars?

Take a look at the other initiatives driving change throughout CitySprint.

Empowering our people

Supporting the wellbeing and development of our colleagues, celebrating diversity in our workforce and championing inclusion and accessibility.

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Supporting local communities

Making a positive difference to the people and communities in the local areas we operate in.

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Backing business

Helping businesses grow and succeed, especially our local couriers who provide services to us.

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