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How to choose your same day delivery partner?

With an increasing demand for logistics services across the UK, many organisations from different industries share the common goal to improve their same day delivery operations by saving time and money.


Selecting your same day delivery partner

The challenge for same day delivery providers is to ensure they can support the growth of businesses with a fast, secure and transparent service. Most organisations also have their own challenges when selecting a trusted delivery partner with the ability to adapt to their specific requirements. Several factors should be considered to ensure a strong relationship between a logistics partner and the organisation it works with.


1. Flexibility

Most organisations will require bespoke adjustments to run their daily operations with ease therefore flexibility is a must. Bespoke solutions could be required to deliver packages in  remote locations using different types of vehicles or simply last minute adjustments that can occur which demand new transportation routes.

Some businesses may also require support out of office hours, to book urgent delivery and collection requests. Luckily, our dedicated teams are available 24/7 365 days to complete all incoming enquiries and schedule them through our flexible online platform.

2. Reliability

Understanding who you work with and nurturing a great relationship is crucial to delivering optimal results by reaching deadlines and objectives. Examples of success stories across different industries, should be made available to help customers make informed decisions. Case studies and testimonials can be useful resources to review and understand how operations are led by the experts.
Taking a look at customer reviews, such  as Trustpilot is also a useful indicator of how your same day delivery partner performs and the experience they offer to customers.

3. Capacity

This may seem like an obvious factor but can sometimes be overlooked by businesses. Not all delivery providers have the necessary capacity or resources available for every organisation, so it is important to define these requirements from the start.

When an organisation requires national same day deliveries for a large number of items, it’s essential to work with a provider using a large fleet and a national reach for best results. With over 34 strategically positioned sites across the UK, CitySprint customers can use same day delivery services, to improve their operations while saving valuable costs.


4. CSR strategy


Conducting business in a socially responsible and sustainable way is more important now than ever. Working with companies that invest in their CSR strategy can directly support the overall objectives of your own business and contribute towards a more sustainable future.


As a carbon neutral business, CitySprint have recognised the impact of logistics on the environment and in response, committed to making positive contributions not only to the environment but all stakeholders. This has been achieved by adopting a strategy based on 4 distinct pillars:


5. Security


Same day deliveries can offer more safety to businesses who require that additional layer of security, avoiding any transportation or storage delays along the way. To meet customer expectations, logistics providers should have industry accreditations such as ISO 9001 and have same day couriers DBS-checked.

Recognised awards and accreditations can also be a determinant factor in choosing a delivery partner, to support the reliability of services on offer.   

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