Derriford Hospital: putting patients at the heart of delivery

Derriford hospital in the Southwest touches the lives of thousands in the community daily. The pharmacy is extremely busy as it supports a general hospital and numerous specialties. The pharmacy leadership wanted to better serve patients in the community and improve pharmacy efficiency through a medicine home delivery service.

CitySprint enacted a comprehensive set of bespoke operational procedures to cover all requirements which ensure the safety of the patients and security of the products being transported.

CitySprint’s partnership with this NHS trust has ensured that the delivery and collection of specialist medication to patient’s homes are managed in a reliable, considerate and cost effective manner.

Extensive training is carried out to ensure that the medical couriers responsible for the deliveries understand and act in accordance with the ‘Duty of Care’ required by the client.
CitySprint made over 900 critical home deliveries of medication for the hospital in 2016. Patients with long-term illnesses such as HIV and cancer receive specialist treatments in the comfort of their homes.
The pharmacy can operate more efficiently and effectively as staff have more time to spend on clinical work.

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