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We own all we do. We take responsibility for every delivery and each decision


We aim to exceed your expectations and we’re always looking for innovative ways to make the future better


Our performance is driven by a deep understanding of what drives you, so being able to care, share and see things your way is fundamental to how we work


Partnership is based on trust. So we’re proud to be consistent, accurate and transparent. And when it comes to delivery, reassuringly dependable

Q1 2023 Winners

Simon Plaistow

Simon was nominated for being a credit control legend! He continually supports the team whilst being front of the queue to help with any problems or issues.

Robel Tesfamicael

Robel was nominated for continually delivering high quality work against tight deadlines.

Chrissie Dwight

Chrissie was nominated for being a data powerhouse with an eye for detail and a kind-hearted attitude. Recognised for her invaluable support, Chrissie is prompt, efficient and extremely helpful.

Nathan Kelly

Nathan was nominated for his continuous hard work and commitment to the job which has led to a massive performance improvement.

Edinburgh Service Centre

The Edinburgh Service Centre were nominated for providing excellent service across Scotland, so much so, customers have written in to express their gratitude!

Q4 2022 Winners

Steve Whiteside

Steve was nominated for being reliable and helping where he can. He always gives great advice, will step in where needed and does a fantastic job of protecting the CitySprint brand.

William Reid

Will was nominated for showing dedicating, commitment and reliability when asked to support our Oldbury InPost team. Will who's based in Leeds, moved to Birmingham for weeks at a time to support.

Janice Munongo

Janice was nominated for going above and beyond in reuniting a vital parcel full of kit and belongings with a marine who was leaving on a naval ship for a long tour away.

Nancy Chambers

Nancy was nominated for being an absolute hero and force to be reckoned with no matter what is thrown at her. She is a team player and is dedicated to delivering solutions, no matter the task at hand.

David Hyland

David was nominated by a number of colleagues for his fantastic support, guidance and help - whether it's helping colleagues grow and develop, being there for queries, or helping customers.

Q3 2022 Winners

Will Bordes

Will was nominated for creating and delivering a fantastic new webinar approach for the healthcare sector which has gained incredible market insight and opportunities for new business.

Ross Sewell-Harper

Ross was nominated for taking over the day to day running of In-Night in an emergency which resulted in him working long hours and going above and beyond to keep the show on the road.

Aleksandra Bartlomiejczuk

Aleksandra was nominated for sacrificing time with her own territory to share her knowledge with new starters. Whilst going above and beyond to help colleagues she has provided exemplary service.

Natasha Marques

Natasha was nominated for creating a fantastic foundation and template for all future social value responses to tenders and bids.

Payroll and People Team Admin

The team was nominated for urgently resourcing and onboarding three times the normal number of positions due to the rapid increase in In-Post volumes.

Q2 2022 Winners

Luke Astarita

Luke Astarita was nominated by Jade Gadsby for being an amazing team player who came to Manchester’s rescue when Covid meant they were struggling to manage Wickes and other jobs on a Saturday.

Babita Seyani

Babita Seyani was nominated by Bev Walmsley for demonstrating Reliability at its best, showing guidance and empathy when supporting the Out of Hours team, no matter what the day or time.

Arif Khan

Arif Khan was nominated by Lee Adams for being passionate, hardworking and committed, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Gobitha Yogeswaran

Gobitha Yogeswaran was nominated by Selina Rahman and Jessica Rodriquens for being a great leader who’s always there to help and support, and a hard working problem-solver.

Oxford and Swindon

Oxford and Swindon were nominated by Steve, Graham and Jade for putting loads of effort into the EAV trial, supporting Graham as a new manager with great advice and working extremely hard.

Ricky Wood

Ricky Wood was nominated by Tom Lewis and Tony Aderanti for being a go to guy who’s kind, thoughtful, reliable and empathetic and always has a smile on his face.

Geetha Murugesan

Geetha Murugesan was nominated by Natasha Wilkins for her tireless hard work on the InPost project over the last six months, delivering high standards whilst being an amazing, reliable colleague.

Norton Webb

Norton Webb was nominated by Daniella, Daniel and Hannah for being a breath of fresh air, a great team player and an absolute hero of a contact centre agent who always gives his customers 110%.

Q1 2022 Winners

Yvonne Townsend

Yvonne was nominated by Nicola Lyon and Steve Whiteside for her diligence and proactive approach in combating fraudulent bookings.

Colin Pearce

Colin was nominated by Mark Benton and Lee Bloomfield for going over and beyond to help people, while delivering amazing results.

Nathan Gannon

Nathan was nominated by Charlie Mundy for managing one of CitySprint's largest and most challenging operational remits exceptionally well.