Download our app - for smart deliveries on the go!

Need a courier in a hurry or whilst you are on the move? Get our app and take control of your deliveries on the go - it's that easy!

Want to get a quote and book a CitySprint SameDay courier or track a delivery in real-time wherever you are? CitySprint MyCourier is the perfect app to enable you to do this all from your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or from your Android device.

To use the app, you can either login using an existing CitySprint online account or create a profile and pay with your credit card. Simple, convenient and practical.

Download MyCourier App on Apple and Android here...

Download our App from the Apple App store          

To use with an existing CitySprint account:

You need an online booking account set up, with an email and password. If you have never booked with us online, you can activate this here, via the app or call 0844 700 6993.

If you have access to multiple accounts you can select the account you wish to book off from within the app.

To use with a credit card:

You just simply set your profile up on the app and you can book straight away!

With the CitySprint MyCourier app, you can do the following:

  • Get an instant quote for a CitySprint bike, small van and large van service and choose the most appropriate for your same day delivery
  • Book a CitySprint SameDay Courier using your existing CitySprint online account or a credit/debit card (ie no account)
  • Track your SameDay courier’s real-time location on a map updated every minute
  • Cancel and amend your bookings
  • View the status of all your bookings (made online or via the app) whether they're booked, in progress or have been delivered
  • View the proof of delivery signature and audit trail
  • Use your recent addresses (from your online profile)
  • Set a default collection point