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Introducing our latest Courier Champions

The self-employed couriers we work with are an integral part of the business, and celebrating their commitment to providing top-tier service is always a pleasure.

Every quarter, colleagues nominate the couriers they believe have gone above and beyond when it comes to delivering a great service or supporting their local community when it is needed most. 

Without further ado, here are our latest winners…

Abayomi from Manchester, who won the ‘Out of Hours’ category,

Abayomi was selected to win the Out of Hours category for demonstrating exceptional heroism during a critical situation. During a Baxter’s Machine swap job, he found himself in the middle of a life-or-death scenario as a patient went into cardiac arrest. Abayomi performed CPR until help arrived, ultimately saving the life of the patient. His courage and dedication are an inspiration to us all.

Chris from Leeds, who won the ‘Nationwide Natural’ category,

Chris was recognized for being a real team player this quarter. Although he’s always happy to lend a hand, what really set him apart recently was when a fellow courier experienced a vehicle breakdown while on a critical medical delivery to Scotland, Chris stepped in. He took the job and got the parcel to the destination safely. His fast response ensured the delivery was successfully completed on the same day, exceeding client expectations as a result. Chris’s dedication and readiness to tackle touch situations make him a deserving champion.

Frank from Heathrow, who won the ‘Client Crusader’ category,

Frank was chosen for showing outstanding selflessness and commitment to the well-being of his fellow couriers. When another courier collapsed at the AAH Ruislip warehouse, Frank sprang into action and promptly administered CPR. Thanks to his quick thinking and bravery, the courier is now recovering and doing well. For that reason, Frank is a true hero to not only the courier he saved but to all of us here at CitySprint!

Mark from Nottingham, who won the ‘Local Legend’ category,

Mark was nominated by our Nottingham site for his exceptional determination when it came to the job. Despite facing flooded roads during an overnight delivery that left him unable to drive through, Mark boldly and bravely waded through waist-deep water to ensure the parcels that were in his possession reached their destination at the UPS hub. This selfless act truly highlights the dedication and resilience Mark has shown in such a challenging situation.

We’d also like to give a special mention to all of the other nominees, each of whom should be proud of being recognised as great at what they do. Although winning is always a great feat, just being nominated is a great sign of the outstanding service and above-and-beyond attitude that the courier suppliers demonstrate on a daily basis.

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