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Our Quarter 4 Heroes are here

After 54+ nominations for 45 colleagues and teams, we can now announce our amazing Q4 Heroes!

Every quarter, here are CitySprint we encourage our employees to nominate the colleagues they felt were worthy winners of our renowned ‘CitySprint Hero’ awards. We believe that the right company values drive an organisation's business operations, as well as show their beliefs, morals, and ethics. That’s why when we see reliability, accountability, ambition, and empathy shown by our colleagues, we love to reward it!

Andy, who won our ‘Ambition Hero’ award,

Alongside his usual duties as part of his role as the Leeds Service Centre Manager, Andy went above and beyond to aid the business operations in recent months. He delivered and introduced our full scanning on our internal trunk network, something that has not been available within the business for an estimated 20 years. This accomplishment has proven crucial in improving lost shipments, taking accountability, and improving client satisfaction and transparency. On top of this, Andy has also delivered a new trunk network business that’s generating the business significant revenue yearly.

Emma, who won our ‘Empathy Hero’ award,

When one of our colleagues returned to work after having taken unexpected leave due to significant, life-changing health issues, Emma stepped up and supported the aforementioned team member massively. During this difficult time, she stepped in and implemented a very successful phased return to work, ensuring the team member was provided with outstanding support and care. This was noted by his supporting consultants and medical team as being “by far the most detailed and thought-out phased return to work proposal from an employer” that they had ever seen. Well done Emma!

Kieran, who won our ‘Reliability Hero’ award,

Due to a vacancy at our Oxford site, Kieran stepped up to effectively cover two different roles during our peak times and ease the burden on his team. During this unfortunate time, his work was performed to such high standards that the service centre was not impacted by the vacancy and in turn, customers (and colleagues alike) wrote in to specifically say thank you to Kieran for his hard work. He simply rolled up his sleeves when it mattered and consistently gave his all to help his team.

Mukhtar, who won our ‘Accountability Hero’ award,

In the past few months, Mukhtar has completed some very comprehensive work relating to our UK & Overnight data. He supported his team by managing to move thousands of our bookings from being on hold to full completion. Mukhtar ensured the system completed the cycle of the invoice being ‘on hold’ to ‘manifested’, into ‘admin’ and eventually ‘invoiced’. By doing this, he has helped the business recoup a very significant amount of money that had been ‘stuck’ in our system for a while.

We’d like to offer a huge and well-deserved congratulations to all of this quarter’s heroes. We’d also like to give a special mention to all the other nominees for being recognised by their colleagues as heroes. Keep doing what you’re doing and spreading the CitySprint values!

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