CityBridge - communicate electronically in real-time between IT systems without costly integration

To further enable our customers to benefit from our leading-edge technology, we have developed CityBridge, a two way booking interface. This Application Programming Interface (API) allows clients and partners to streamline the process of passing and receiving booking information, by connecting directly to CityTrak, our Dispatch Management System.

This type of API bridges the gap between any customers' systems and CityTrak, thereby increasing the flexibility of the systems and allowing you to develop a working relationship with CitySprint, without the need for costly, one-off interface development.

Many of our customers already have key job information entered into their own order processing systems or intranets. Via our CityBridge interface, this data can be easily passed directly into CityTrak, avoiding the re-entering of information.

CityBridge allows booking requests to be received from CityTrak and accepts status updates in real-time as the job is progressed.

The CityBridge interface is provided using SOAP over HTTP, with parameter and return data being described using XML documents. SSL is used to provide data encryption (https).

Download the latest version of our CityBridge Common Systems Interface Guide and the accompanying WSDL definition.

If you have any questions or would like further information about how this technology, please contact us or contact your local service centre.